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We also love Koudelka!

This is the Shadow Hearts Kink Meme! What is a kink meme? A kink meme is a place where you can request a story or art, or fill another person's prompt! Although it's called a kink meme, prompts of any genre (action, comedy, romance, drama, etc.) are welcomed.


•Post a story prompt about stuff that you want to see happen!
•No flaming.
•No forbidden sorcery.
•Don't worry about the judgement ring, post!

Here's a couple of cool links that you should check out:

- Check out a wonderful fan resource for gameplay tips, locations, media, and everything else Koudelka & Shadow Hearts related at!
- Nemeton Monastery, the Discussion Page. A place for chatting in general. Chew the fat about Shadows Hearts series, and non Shadow Hearts series alike! IRL topics are welcomed as well.

== Update == (9/8/17): Still alive! I've been gone for a while due to real life kicking where the sun don't shine, but I'm happy to announce that this kink meme is still active. Feel free to visit this little corner of the internet, and leave a story prompt if you like!

Together in Shanghai

Date: 2014-03-10 07:23 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Could I see Kato/Kawashima? Shadow Hearts 1 era of course.

Re: Together in Shanghai

Date: 2014-03-11 06:13 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Seconded! Need more Kato in the fandom. :3

Re: Together in Shanghai

Date: 2014-09-05 07:05 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

[ ~ Sea Sickness ~ ]

The waves had settled down after the exorcism of Li Li, an unruly spirit that had plotted to sink the small smuggler’s boat that Sergeant Kato was currently helming. Surely, Lieutenant Colonel Kawashima and he would have met their deaths had it not been for a certain group of unusual passengers. Though the Japanese army was currently monitoring that strange devil-man, Yuri Hyuga, Kato sensed Kawashima’s increasingly lax attitude towards recording any and all suspicious activity that the Harmonixer and his party may be engaged in.

She sat cross-legged on a wooden chest with a distant if not completely unreadable expression. Although hardened with untold experience, her face had naturally soft features. Yoshiko Kawashima, Kato decided at that moment as he peered at her from the corner of his eyes, was intensely ‘feminine’. Even though she walked, talked, and dressed in a mannish fashion, there was no denying that she was indeed a woman.

‘A startling beautiful one’, Kato mused but cut himself short, not allowing his mind to wander any father down that route. An underling should never think of his superiors in such a manner. ‘Juvenile,’ he made a note to punish himself later when all of this Shanghai business was over, ‘downright uncouth.’ But he just couldn’t stop trying to sneak a glance at her pale form. She commanded attention even when she hadn’t vocally demanded it.

Kawashima absently stroked her ankles, massaging the tension from them after one too many hours of standing on her feet. It was going to be a long night even though the ghost ordeal had passed. She sighed, a quiet exhale not unheard by the sergeant, and she began undoing the laces to her left shoe. Slipping it off, she then began to knead a slender foot with long delicate fingers. Her lips parted ever so slightly as she closed her dark eyes and worked out the knots.

Had anyone walked into the navigation room then and there, they would have certainly expressed worry over how red Kato’s face was. Why he was blushing was beyond Kato’s understanding at the time. A few years down the line, an older Kato, not a sergeant anymore but a special agent, would reflect on a particular fetish he’d developed that fateful evening.

[The End.]
[~by VileOfTanMoths]


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