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We also love Koudelka!

This is the Shadow Hearts Kink Meme! What is a kink meme? A kink meme is a place where you can request a story or art, or fill another person's prompt! Although it's called a kink meme, prompts of any genre (action, comedy, romance, drama, etc.) are welcomed.


•Post a story prompt about stuff that you want to see happen!
•No flaming.
•No forbidden sorcery.
•Don't worry about the judgement ring, post!

Here's a couple of cool links that you should check out:

- Check out a wonderful fan resource for gameplay tips, locations, media, and everything else Koudelka & Shadow Hearts related at!
- Nemeton Monastery, the Discussion Page. A place for chatting in general. Chew the fat about Shadows Hearts series, and non Shadow Hearts series alike! IRL topics are welcomed as well.

== Update == (9/8/17): Still alive! I've been gone for a while due to real life kicking where the sun don't shine, but I'm happy to announce that this kink meme is still active. Feel free to visit this little corner of the internet, and leave a story prompt if you like!

Date: 2014-08-23 05:11 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

An Unrecorded Red

Date: 2014-09-07 12:26 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
~ An Unrecorded Red ~

Cold wind clawed through the cracks of Bistritz’s infamous Blue Castle and swirled past the vampire, blowing his blond hair forward across his broad shoulders. Believing in the virtues of making all guests feel welcome no matter who or what they were, Keith Valentine politely replied to the breeze with a soft exhale of breath. A banquet of sorts was about to begin and Keith fancied the wind to be his equally invisible companion, excitedly pulling him by the arm towards the terrible sealed door erected a mere yard away.

Tonight was an evening most special. Had Keith been one to implement calendars or a similar device only time-obsessed mortals would busy themselves with, this evening’s date would have been enthusiastically circled with red ink. Blood red, the most beautiful of reds, of course, though the vampire hoped it was not his own blood that coated the nib.

He swore he could hear the drum of the demon’s heart through the thick stone; he certainly could smell the malice worming its way under the door sill. Who this demon was or why it had chosen to nest within the highest level of Blue Castle was anyone’s guess but it had rudely awakened not just Keith, but his poor siblings as well. Bats need their beauty sleep and anyone who stands before beauty must be dealt with accordingly!

At the moment his gloved hand touched the door, his form materialized, though Keith had the feeling this was the one event in his long life that he really should remain hidden for. Well, if he was to soon die, he certainly couldn’t complain, though it would have been nice to venture outside of the castle walls and experience the world a bit more. Ah, well. It had been his choice to sleep away the years, bored but comfortable within his coffin. With a muted chant of an ancient hymn, the seal’s aura faded. Keith’s noble posture gave out slightly but he shook off the fatigue induced by the powerful magic. There was plenty of time for sleep after the job had been finished.

With a grunt, the vampire pushed the massive door open and after taking a moment to gather courage, Keith walked into the starlit chamber. There was a hole in the ceiling; no doubt the crash site of the guest now sprawled out on the dusty floor. The intruder was not as Keith had imagined and for a short moment, Keith had been grateful for the surprise. Any relief Keith had enjoyed was snuffed out when the stranger lifted its head.

‘What a terrible grin not fit for even a villain. However, surely it is...human?’ thought the vampire, not daring to meet the creature’s gaze. ‘No… a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is indeed the terrible beast that breeds unrest amongst the clan.’ The warped smile widened, lips parting ever so slightly. And then the man, if it was honestly as such, disappeared.

Keith whirled on his heels, unsheathing the blade at his side with neck breaking speed, and held it steadfast underneath the other man’s chin. Any real human would have flinched but not this fake. The gaze was met; fate was too cruel. Its eyes were red, so fantastically red. Had they belonged to anyone else, Keith feared he might drop to one knee and belt out a proposal right then and there. A perfect red, a godly red.

‘…cute… and skilled…’ came a gruff and strangely tired voice, ‘…I… like that.’ It raised a hand to meet the sword, curling its fingers over the sharpened edge. Time must have stopped around them when that unforgettable drop of blood trickled down from the middle of the weapon, pooled at the hilt, and encouraged by the wind, slipped further down to finally soak directly into Keith’s glove.

The vampire knew he was out of the demon’s league even before the other man ripped the blade from Keith’s grasp and flung it to the ground with a painful clank. Not even the stars could keep up with its movements as it grabbed the vampire around the collar and forced him into a deep kiss.
Mortality. Yes, that’s what it was then and there. Trapped in the arms of a devil, the vampire had not been certain if he was truly a vampire at all. Maybe they were both fakes. Mere shadows donning masks haphazardly painted red.

The rude guest had not once closed its eyes during that forbidden embrace but they suddenly squeezed shut as the demon wreathed in pain corrupted by pleasure. Keith’s fangs had sunk into the other man’s tongue and the taste of malice filled both of their mouths.

The vampire took advantage of the paralyzed state, shoving the youth into the nearest wall. After swiping the sword up and bolting towards the door, Keith Valentine gave a quick bow. “Seems there’s too much alcohol in your blood, dear boy. Too much darkness is bad for the kidneys. You just make like a bat and hang around here until I find someone with enough light to brighten both our futures. How’s that sound?”

But the gentleman treatment ended there for the vampire flickered into nothingness as he ran down the seemingly endless staircase, barely catching the devil’s parting words.

“You… got it… wrong. There’s… too much blood in my alcohol.”

~by VileOfTanMoths ((Hope you don't mind if I crosspost this to my account!))


Date: 2014-09-07 12:27 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Thank you so much! The way you wrote Keith is lovely and in character!

I also loled at that final sentence.

Re: OP

Date: 2014-09-07 12:28 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
You're welcome. I had fun writing it, hee~



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