Date: 2014-09-04 12:31 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
[ IN RESPONSE TO THE REQUEST ASKING FOR SOME BEN HYUGA. Hopefully I hit the right ‘reply’ button this time so this comment threads properly. Eep! ]

[ ~ Autumn Spins Right ~ ]

Ben Hyuga directed his son towards the flickering sky beyond the cliff. A memory took the place of the darkening horizon, a memory of a woman kneeling in a garden. Beside her was a boy donning a fox mask, busy tearing weeds out from around the year’s budding crop. Yuri squinted his eyes, fixated on the crucifix dangling from the woman’s neck. His gaze shifted upwards towards her face but was surprised to see she had none.

Tales of the past shuffled by like an overworked projector. One showcased a wife welcoming her husband from war. A clasping of hands, bodies folding into an unbreakable hug soon followed by a string of happy kisses. The next told a story of an unexpected birthday party. The husband stood in the door frame with a wrapped present hidden behind his back as his son jumped up and down with excitement while the wife was unsuccessfully trying to hold back laughter.

‘Your mother was so beautiful,’ Ben’s voice whispered in the Harmonixer’s head. ‘Strong willed and sharp as the finest blade. I’m surprised you have forgotten her though I suppose you were quite young when she-…’

“I didn’t forget her!” snapped Yuri, though his voice wasn’t as confident as he would have liked. “Just never been good with faces, is all. Anyway, what’s this got to do with anything?”

The young colonel tilted his head thoughtfully but didn’t respond. The set of photographic images shifted out of focus again to reveal a second woman. She had the same fiery hair and proud air about her but she appeared younger and more energetic. Yuri’s lower jaw rolled as he chewed the side of his mouth’s cheek.

“Mom again. But I don’t remember her like that.”

‘It is not your memory to be remembered. That was her before you were born.’ Ben propped himself up on one leg against the tree that stood rooted in the center of the field and crossed his arms. The Harmonixer raised an eyebrow at this action, very aware of how much his father looked like Yuri at that particular moment. ‘The first thing she ever uttered to me was your name.’

“The hell?” the temper that was always at risk of erupting from beneath the rude hero’s flesh was predictably beginning to boil. “That’s impossible.”

Yuri’s anger was muffled suddenly as his ears strained to listen to a voice beyond the gate. It wasn’t here or out in the cemetery. The feminine voice was calling his name from outside his mind, probably in an attempt to wake him up from this unusual dream, he decided. It was not Koudelka, who had haunted him for what felt like an eternity up until recently. So…Alice?

Ben smiled, a strange glint flashing deep within his eyes. ‘At the time I thought she had me confused for someone else. A dear friend perhaps. But she then quickly changed the subject. Went on about how gorgeous the region’s countryside was. ‘Like a fairy tale’, I believe was her exact choice of words. She spoke of it as a tourist would, really.’

“Oh. Yeah, I remember her talking about that. How I was named after her lover or something.”

A single leaf danced down from the tree’s canopy, landing on Ben’s shoulder. ‘Or something,’ echoed the colonel, lazily brushing off the token of autumn.

[ ~ With love from VileOfTanMoths. ]
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